Secret Agents

This guide will tell you exactly what a secret agent is, what they do and how to become one!!

What ARE Secret Agents?

Secret agents are a group set up by club penguin.

What do they do?

They’re job around Club Penguin is to report anyone breaking the rules to a moderator, they also get to complete missions for awards.

What is the reward?

a spy-phone teleporter, 250 Coins per month and if you are a member all of the spy gear in the F.I.S.H

Why aren’t they so secet?

The CP team wanted them to be known widley around club Penguin to try to stop penguins breaking the rules, but don’t worry, you will never be identified as one.

How can i become one?

I thought you would never ask!!

First you have to be at least 30 days old, you can find ot this by clicking on the (?) on the chatbar

then you click on the M badge at the top and click through untill you see a question. then answer them all as follows:

Q. Are you ready to become a secret agent?
A. Yes

Q. Pick one quality that you think a secret agent should have.
A. Honest

Q. Pick the correct reason to report a penguin to a moderator.
A. Being mean or rude

Q. What would you do if you saw a penguin breaking the rules?
A. Report them

Q. What type of personal information should be reported?
A. Saying their address

Q. Pick one reason you want to be a secret agent.
A. I want to keep Club Penguin safe

Q. Pick another reason you want to be a secret agent.
A. I want to help other penguins

congratulations! you are now a secret agent!!!!

more soon!!!



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