Hello Penguins!

Remember! There is a party very soon! and also a Giveaway OR a Contest! Vote for what you want here:

More hints VERY soon!



New Servers!

Hello Penguins!

Club Penguin has added a load of new servers! They don’t have the best names but they will make CP less cramped!

Here are the servers:

New Servers!

New Servers!

My Favourite is Mountain! What is yours?


New Blog Post!

Hello Penguins!

BillyBob has been posting the Penguin awards preliminary polls! I can’t wait for it! Here is the post:

Hello Penguins!

It’s a New Year and in a few months a brand new Penguin Play Awards Show is gonna turn the island into an event to remember. Just like last year, you’ll be voting on 5 plays in 5 different categories. But we need to know which plays you want to vote on!

One NEW play will be included – Choose your favorite from last year’s new plays:

Check out the plays and polls here!

AND… Four of the following will be chosen for this year’s Penguin Play Awards. Click on your favorite RETURN play from last year.

Check out the plays and polls here!
We’ll count up all the votes and let you know the nominations! We’ve shut off comments because the blog gets really busy during You Decide Polls – but they’ll be back on for the next blog. The team’s really stoked to get the results – and to start planning the Penguin Play Awards…

Until then…Waddle on!

Club Penguin Team

WOW! Nice! It looks like we have a lot to look forward to! I can’t wait!

Catalogue Cheats!

Sorry I’m late guys!

Club Penguin have updated their catalogues finally. Anyway here are the cheats!

To get the Pink snorkel click on the snowman's nose and to get the Pink flippers click on the snow on the tallest mountain

To get the Red & blue Viking helmets (for blue open and close the red viking helmet 4 times)

Club Penguin January 2010 Cheats 3

To get the Stocking hat click on the Coins for change bucket

To get the various instruments click them in the tree

To get the Black superhero mask click the word WORK

I really like the Idea of make your own T-Shirt!! it will definitely grow to a new member/non-member game very soon!

I also really like that they have made a black version of the white parka. I hope they will make a black version of the MP3000!

The New Flag pages are AMAZING!!!!

Oh and 1 more thing, I love the new background

In other news:

  • The Secret agent page will be completed very soon!
  • Tour guide page soon aswell!
  • Donation page before Febuary!
  • Widgets very soon!
  • and finally I am going to get your prizes very soon


Penguin Style and new pin! (well…not yet)

Hello Penguins!

There was supposed to be a new penguin style and a new pin today! right now there isn’t. Also the Tour Guide & Agent Pay day came early aswell (according to CPIt will be out at around noon PST! I think that CP are running a bit behind. Also the pin should be ot at noon aswell! I personally think it is going to be a firework pin or a nmber 10 pin for 2010!!!

Penguins all over the servers are complaining for the catalogue here’s a screenshot:

We want the Catalogue

And it got worse!!!!

As soon as the catalogue comes out then I will post cheats!!!!


Grand opening Giveaway/Contest, YOU Decide!!!

It’s Time for YOU to decide! What shall it be? A Giveaway or a Contest? membership or Card Jitsu code? Too many choices for me to decide! Help me out! Tell ME what YOU want!!!

There is a poll in the sidebar!!!!!

The Date has been changed to the 2nd of Febuary

End of another year!

Hello Penguins!

                                        Well, it’s the end of another year! and what a year it has been! there have been a lot of ups and downs for me but I got through it all the same! My Best few moments of this year was my Birthday Joining Club Penguin and Christmas of course! What was yours? This year the void has been filled for me, my love of Pokémon was fading, I no longer enjoyed Animal Crossing and i was tired of the same games all the time. When I decided to make Oz Games, the Void was suddenly filled, I stumbled across it, I fell in in love with it, I made a blog about it, I helped people out with it, Club penguin filled me with meaning, and I’m not ready to re-empty that void again. So! you know what that means! I’m here to stay!!!!

oh and I know it’s a bit late but for Christmas I got A great Laptop, a XBox360 Elite 160GB with 2 Games (IL 2: Birds of Prey & Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2). I also got a few small things like a pen set for school, a dressing-gown, sweets and other things! What did you get?