About me

Hi! I’m Jamie, I am 13 years old and I live in the UK which is really bad for a CP blogger as the time zones are so different. Anyway I got into CP on the 5th September 2009. Me and my sister were looking for games for our site Oz Games (It would have been a site that had loads of games and was devoted to one of our dogs, Oz but it never came to be).

Anyway we got hooked, we joined in the Fall Fair and loved it! My sister became less interested with club penguin but I stayed on it, and I’m glad I did too!

Anyway I decided to help people by making a blog, and here it is!

Oh and I have 3 main Penguins, 1 member (0oJmaie121o0) and 2 non-members (JDog888 & ShAdOwBoY240) be sure to look out for them!!!

Here is what my Member Penguin looks like now:

My Penguin

My Penguin


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