Apology and Contest

Hello Penguins!

I have a apology to make:

I am VERY  sorry I haven’t been on. My Parents got me a Xbox360 and a game called Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. I have been addicted and have hardly been on the computer. I WILL come on more but I need help! so, I am going to be running a contest!


Yes, TWO of you readers will be able to be a author for my site!  You will also get your blog link on my site and you will get VIP acess (beta)! Please answer this truthfully:

Interview template:

How many posts can you make per week? (1-3, 4-6, 7-9 or 10-12)

How often are you on Club Penguin a day?  (30 mins, 1 hr, 1 hr 30 mins, 2 hrs, 2 hrs 30 mins, 3 hrs, more than 3 hrs)

Where do you live? (eg. UK, US)

What is your time zone? (eg. PST, EST, GMT)

Do you have any days you are unable to play or post?

What are your school times?

how can I contact you?

Explain to me what you are like as a person

Please mock post a new newspaper post here

Please mock post a blog post here

Please mock post a catalogue cheats post

How old are you?

What would you like to be called as?

What is your penguins name?

Thanks! good luck!

JDog888 (Jamie)

Have a go! you have nothing to lose =D



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