EXCLUSIVE: Next puffle?

Hello Penguins!

I went onto my good friend Jmann93’s website and thins is what I found:

This morning me and my best friend went out to breakfast and took a trip to the Toys R Us Store. I went and got a few memberships. I then walked over to the area with all the Club Penguin Plush toys. However, All I saw was an empty box, no toys inside. I asked the guy if they had anymore in the back, he went and checked. He came back with brand new box of puffles. He told me that was all they had until next week. I then checked the box of puffles and saw something crazy. It was an green puffle, a yellow puffle, a red puffle, and then BAM orange puffle! I was trying not to freak out because my friend was right next to me. I then grabbed the 3 Orange Puffles that I saw and went to the register! It was crazy. But, Since I bought tons of Memberships and already spent 90.00 USD on memberships, I only had 2 bucks and some change in my pocket. So, I took the puffles to a random isle in the store and took a picture of the puffle show you guys. I upset that I couldn’t buy it.

I then came home and did some research. I found a very popular Toy site and they had the orange puffle! But didn’t let me click the purchase button for some reason. So, My mom then took me back to the Toys R Us about 2 hours later. I was upset to see that the Orange puffles were already gone. But, I really did see them! So, This leads me to believe that the orange puffle will be coming to Club Penguin very soon! This all makes sense because about a week ago, Billybob did a post showing the previews of what is to come this year – One of the previews was a puffle!

So! There you go! What do you think about the next puffle? thanks to Jmann93 for this!


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